Catching And Living With The Travel Bug

When the travel bug gets you bad.


Coming back from my first big European adventure I had been bitten and I had been bitten bad. Suffering with a bad case of the travel bug and seeping back into the 9-5 schedule of my boring pre-travel life, I was susceptible to the following symptoms:

  1. Constant flashbacks and reminiscing over past experiences involving new friends and amazing places
  2. Unable to stop talking about recent adventures and sending everyone mad with comments that begin with “that reminds me of when I was in (insert name of destination)”
  3. Feeling like you’ve had your freedom ripped from you and chains re-shackled once you step foot in your workplace
  4. An inability for others to understand the amazing and life changing experiences you’ve just had and the ongoing feeling that people really don’t care
  5. A desire to be anywhere but where you currently are
  6. An instant longing to book and plan your next adventure but feeling trapped due to low funds and even lower free time


Prior to my European escape I had no desire to travel. I wanted to save for a nice car, maybe a home loan, buy a cute puppy and work on my career. I was happy spending half my wage each week on new makeup, clothes, food and alcohol for nights out with friends. I can honestly say the thought of “blowing” all my money on something I couldn’t hold, didn’t entice me. Boy how I was wrong.

So how do you over come the nasty and unforgiving travel bug, that is truly never satisfied?

  • I started saving. Furiously. I begrudgingly returned to my job, quickly realising that there would be no get rich quick option for me. I had to work for it.
  • I started planning. Within two weeks from returning, I had put a deposit on my next trip and started paying it off.
  • I wrote lists. The places I wanted to go the most. Things I wanted to see. My bucket list incase I never got to fulfil it.
  • I started saying no. No to dinner and drinks with friends. No to a new outfit every weekend. No to the limited edition eyeshadow that I only wear about 3 times a year.
  • I said goodbye to toxic people. People who don’t support you and your dreams and aspirations, do not need to be in your life. This includes boyfriends, girlfriends, friends and acquaintances. If you want to have life changing and magical experiences with others that will improve you as a person then start first at home, by ridding yourself of those who bring you down. In saying that, make stronger connections with those who inspire you and share your lust for adventure.
  • I stayed optimistic. We all have the ability to travel. Use your free time wisely. Save carefully and plan thoroughly. If you aren’t positive that you can do it then you never will.


There is no cure for the travel bug once it has you under its spell. But how you chose to live with it is up to you. If you let it change your life, I have no doubt that it can. So start saving, start planning and work hard. The best advice I ever received, always travel with another trip already planned for when you return!
Sending positive vibes and safe travel wishes (from my pool lounge in Bali right now of course).


Happy travelling! Xx


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