3 Glorious Days in Mykonos

Mykonos,  world renown as a popular holiday destination to the rich and famous (Leonardo Di Caprio holidays here…need I say more), island of epic beach parties, white clad buildings, narrow marble streets, 16th century windmills and a pelican mascot… seriously. Mykonos how I love you. I could spend weeks exploring all that Mykonos has to offer, but I had three days. So here is a small snippet of what Mykonos can offer in 3 beautiful, windy, sunshine filled days.

Streets of Mykonos

Day One

Time to get out and explore! I quickly found myself on a walking tour around Mykonos town and what is fondly known as “Little Venice”. As my first island stop out of Athens, I was blown away but this little seaside town. I couldn’t contain my excitement as we ventured down the narrow streets, getting  lost within the white clad houses lined with blue, green and red, and of course searching for the infamous Pelican Petros. There are so many places to eat, drink and people watch along the water. Mykonos is famous for its 16th Century windmills that line the shore next to the town. As you can see from my photos, there is always numerous cruise ships in the port and thus plenty of tourists to contest with for that perfect camera shot. The bars in Mykonos are pretty epic, with most sitting right on the water. A short stumble into town and the party scene gets pretty epic. There are heaps of clubs to chose from, even with September being a little quieter, there was still plenty of young party goers out to make for a good night. If you’re having Justin Bieber withdrawals… go clubbing in Greece. I have never heard that song “Sorry” more in my life. The night wouldn’t be complete with a gyros! Seriously, make the most of it- they don’t even come close back at home!

Downtown Mykonos
Little Venice
Windmills, Mykonos
Sunsets in Mykonos
Paraportiani Church, Mykonos

Day Two

Lured back into the streets of Mykonos for another day of exploring, I quickly found myself the best kind of lost. You can find all sorts of things along the narrow streets, from trendy waterside cocktail bars to tacky souvenir shops to what can only be described as cat hostels. Seriously, if you like cats…go to Mykonos. Greeks really look after their stray animal population and its not uncommon to see a well fed dog or cat eating their breakfast on the street, not one bit bothered by passers by. If you’re into a bit of beach side partying, then Paradise Beach is your place. The crowds flock to the beach and beach bars for good tunes and delicious seaside cocktails. The vibe and energy of Paradise Beach is awesome. The music is loud, the people are friendly and the water is amazing. You can do heaps of water sports, jump on a sail boat or spend your day on the beach enjoying the glorious sunshine. I spent my afternoon on a sailboat beach hopping around Mykonos, returning in time to grab a cocktail and party on into the night at one of Guapaloca’s beach parties. They have different theme parties every night, so If you’re in Mykonos, get yourself down to Paradise Beach!

Mykonos Town
Mykonos Town
Paradise Beach

Day 3

I felt a little adventurous so I headed down to the local bus station and got myself a €2 ticket on a bus destined for Ornos. I had no idea where I would end up but once I got off and wandered down to the beach, I could not complain! You can pay a couple of euro to use the sunbeds and chill out for the day. The water is so clear and you can swim out pretty deep. It did seem quiet, with the occasional boat pulling into the bay for a swim stop, but for September that seemed to be a trend. It was nice to get away from the party beach I was fast becoming used to. This was more of a family and couples beach with great little restaurants lining the streets near the beach for when you got hungry. Spanakopita after a full day soaking up the sun on the beach= winning!

Ornos Beach, Mykonos
Ornos Beach, Mykonos
Ornos Beach, Mykonos

Sadly, my time in Mykonos was short… but I will be back. I would love to hear about your experiences with this beautiful island. Did you see Petros? or even Leo? Enjoy you lucky thing! x


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